Local Campaigns

This page is for information about local campaigns. Bus services are currently under threat, and there are also safer streets campaigns to introduce pedestrian crossings. We’ll add and update individual campaigns as we become aware of them.

If you’re involved in a local transport campaign and would like to see it listed here please email us: info@eftag.org.uk.

Buses: Save the 167

Status: campaign unsuccessful

Essex County Council has cut its transport subsidy to Transport for London (TfL) and so TfL has come up with proposals stop the 167 bus route at Loughton. This means the 167 bus will no longer serve the following bus stops beyond Loughton station: Loughton High Road, Church Hill, Rectory Lane, Chester Lane, Davenant School, Jessel Drive, Burney Drive, Willingale Road, Debden station. This will massively impact residents of Debden and those who need to get to Debden including school children, elderly people, people with mobility issues and parents with young children.

Sign the petition here: Save the 167 bus route

(Text is from the Facebook group – join for campaign updates and discussion.)

Buses: Save the 250 & 251 evening services

Status: campaign unsuccesful but superceded by proposed new services: would-you-use-late-evening-buses-between-waltham-cross-and-debden/

Essex County Council has announced proposals to end their support for the 250 and 251 bus routes, which run from Waltham Cross to Upshire and Loughton/Debden respectively.

If these services are lost there will be no bus services through to these towns, or through Waltham Abbey, after 7.30pm, isolating bus users.

This will affect people who live, work, study and socialise in Waltham Abbey and surrounding towns.

Read more on our campaign page here: Save the 250 & 251

Buses: Save the 505

Status: campaign unsuccessful

Back in May 2015 the 505 Chingford to Harlow bus service was slashed. It’s the only bus which serves much of the route, leaving people reliant on cars to get around. A petition was started at the time calling for the service to be restored to previous levels. Well over a year later the service still hasn’t been restored and it’s now under threat again with the current operator planning to withdraw at the end of 2016.

Read more on our 505 campaign page here: Save the 505

Safer Streets: The Roding Valley Cycle Hub Project

Status: ongoing

Wouldn’t it be good to have a new traffic-free cycle route linking Buckhurst Hill and Loughton with Chigwell?

The Roding Valley Cycle Hub Project have drawn up plans for a safe cycle lane network, starting by connecting Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill and Loughton.
The network would use popular routes, linking schools & colleges, places of work, tube stations, and places of beauty: e.g. the Roding Valley Meadows Nature Reserve and the Lee Valley Regional Park.

There’s more information on their website: Roding Cycle Hub.

Safer Streets: Honey Lane pedestrian crossing

Status: ongoing

Following several injuries on the stretch of Honey Lane near the Woodbine and The Volunteer public houses a group of local residents started a petition for a pedestrian crossing. The petitions gathered over 1,000 signatures and was handed to District Councillor Ricki Gadsby, who is on the Epping Forest Local Highways Panel.

Progress has been slow but is in hand – as of June 2016 councillors are waiting for an engineer’s report.

The petition was covered in the local press: More than 1,000 people back Honey Lane petition after accidents.

Safer Streets: Sewardstone Road traffic calming

Status: unknown

A petition’s been started calling for traffic calming measures on the stretch of Sewardstone Road between Picks Cottage and Boardman Avenue. Residents have complained about speeding and reckless driving, complaints which are borne out by a succession of accidents.

You can sign the petition here: Make Sewardstone Road safe before lives are lost!