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April 2017 Newsletter

Campaigning for better public transport and safer streets in Epping Forest.

We’re suspending EFTAG during the elections

Dear <<Comms name>>,

It’s been a while since our last update, mainly due to our core activists being very busy! Part of that is because we’re mostly activists for other things too, including for political parties.

As the Essex County Council elections are coming up on 4th May, and many of us will be involved in campaigning and, in some cases, standing as candidates, we feel it would be inappropriate to continue with EFTAG activity until the elections are out of the way.

Candidates are free to make reference to their involvement in EFTAG in their campaigns but no EFTAG endorsement should be implied or inferred.

We intend to issue a list of questions to Epping Forest’s County Council candidates asking for their position on various public transport and safer streets issues. We’ll issue their responses in the week before polling day.

If you have any ideas for questions you’d like to ask please let us know: Candidates’ Questions

Can you help?

When the elections are over we’re going to need volunteers to help with:
  • Updating the website
  • Social media
  • Keeping abreast of national, county and district policy.
If you can help in any way please get in touch.

News in brief

As you’re probably aware the news has been exclusively bad:

The campaign to save the 167 from Loughton to Debden was lost: Epping Forest Guardian article

The 505 from Chingford to Harlow has been stopped, leaving no general-use public bus service on Sewardstone Road.

The Bus Services Bill has been amended in the House of Commons to prevent local authorities from setting up their own bus companies.

Still, we’re not going to let all of this get us down! The economic, environmental, social and health arguments for better public transport and safer streets are compelling.