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Privacy Policy

We’ll keep this page updated to show you all the things we do with your personal data. This policy applies if you’re a supporter of the Action Group (member, donor, volunteer, or if you support us in any other way such as being on our email list). It also applies if you use any of our services, visit our website, email, call or write to us.

We’ll never sell your personal data and will only share it with organisations we work with when it’s necessary, and when the privacy and security of your data is assured.

You can contact us at any time to discuss your personal data, please use (or you can write to us).

  1. Purposes. Your personal data supplied will be obtained, stored and processed only for the purposes of (a) if you’re a member, maintaining your membership (for example in respect of soliciting membership renewals, communicating with your bank regarding financial transactions with the Action Group), and (b) maintaining your support and any other regular contact regarding the activities of the Action Group (for example sending you newsletters, soliciting you to lobby councillors or complete questionnaires).
  2. Consent And Rights. Will will only process your Personal data for purpose 1(b) if you have specifically asked us to add you to our list of supporters, and you may opt out at any time using the “unsubscribe” link in our newsletter or by contacting us directly.
  3. Accuracy And Longevity. Committee members will take reasonable steps to keep Personal data up to date and make corrections in a timely fashion. Personal data will not be stored more than one year after we lose contact with you, or if you’re a member and you fail to renew your membership, we’ll delete your membership data after no more than three years. Your data will be deleted at any time you ask us to do so.
  4. Access. Only Committee members will normally have access to Personal data. Only the Membership Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer will have access to members’ payment details. Committee members undertake to take reasonable steps to keep this data secure. Personal data may be made temporarily accessible by Committee members from time to time to people who are not Committee members where those people are assisting the Committee in a specific data processing task permitted by the above Purposes, but such people must first be made aware of and agree to their obligation not to use the data for other purposes and not to store it. Committee members undertake not to retain personal data upon leaving the Committee. Your personal data will also be processed by third parties with whom we have a contractual relationship and who have a legal obligation to protect your data.
  5. Storage. Computerised data will not be stored on publicly accessible computers except where a password is required to gain access. Committee members undertake to keep passwords confidential. Personal data will only be stored, processed and backed up in the UK, the European Economic Area, or in locations covered by the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield.
  6. Cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on your computer when you visit certain websites. We use first party cookies (cookies that we have set, that can only be read by our website) to personalise your online experience. We also use third party cookies (cookies that are set by an organisation other than the the owner of the website) to manage logging in to our web site. We don’t use tracking cookies for web analytics on this web site.