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Summer 2017 Newsletter

Campaigning for better public transport and safer streets in Epping Forest.

Buses, bikes and beer – the latest EFTAG news

Dear <<Comms name>>,

It’s safe to say we’ve had a fairly busy few weeks, with the Epping Forest Rally for Buses and Public Transport, and the campaign to save the 250 and 251. 

Save the 250 and 251 campaign

The campaign to save the 250 and 251 bus routes has had a fair bit of attention, with a couple of items in the Epping Forest Guardian and a guest blog on the Campaign for Better Transport’s site and newsletter, which has helped gain a lot of support.

Nearly 400 people have signed our online petition, and another 2-300 signatures have been collected on paper petitions, mostly in Waltham Abbey. We hope to hand the petition to Essex County Council over the next couple of weeks, depending on the relevant councillors’ availability.

How you can help

There are several ways that you can help the campaign, including:
  • Discuss the campaign with friends and neighbours
  • Distribute paper petitions to local businesses, community groups, community centres etc
  • Write to your county councillor
  • Film a short clip for our next campaign video
There are details about all of the above, along with comments from the petition, videos and some background, on the campaign page of our website:

Epping Forest Rally for Buses and Public Transport

On Monday 3rd July we held a lunchtime rally in Waltham Abbey to raise the 250/251 campaign and mark the start of Catch the Bus Week. It was a small affair but we got the message out to a lot more people through promoting the rally and our videos from the event.

Lianna Epkind from Campaign for Better Transport came along to let people know about Catch the Bus Week. We think it was the only event for the week in Epping Forest but are happy to be corrected!

You can see film of Lianna and our own Dave Plummer addressing the rally on our YouTube channel.

Please subscribe to the channel while you’re there – we’ve got plenty of views but only two subscribers!

Can you help out?

We’ve a very small team of active campaigners who take care of the website, social media, research, press releases, events, leafleting and everything else we do.

Can you join in? Whatever your skills and however much time you can donate we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch at:


Our website and campaigning to date hasn’t covered much about cycling. We aim to address this very soon.

Two of our core team of activists are heavily involved in cycling campaigns, including the Roding Cycle Hub, and are working on a new Cycling section of the website.

They’re also working on our response to the Draft Epping Forest Cycling Action Plan, which was issued to councillors last August. Can you help draft our response? If so please contact us at

You can download the draft plan here: Epping Forest Cycle Action Plan draft.pdf (8.2MB)

Epping Ongar Railway gets it right!

There have been many events in Epping Forest this summer, from air shows to town shows to open days, many of which have mentioned parking being available but very few of which have mentioned public transport access.

So we’d like to give a special mention to Epping Ongar Railway and the promotion for their Real Ale Festival, and the travel information which starts, ‘Leave the car at home!’

Well done Epping Ongar Railway. Let’s hope others learn from your example!

You can find out about the real ale festival here: Epping Ongar Railway Real Ale Festival 2017