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250 and 251 set to be lost

We’ve received confirmation that the 250 and 251 evening bus services are due to end on Sunday 27th August 2017. Cllr Ray Gooding has told us that the services will cease because they are infrequently used and not affordable for the taxpayer.

While we appreciate that councils are under tremendous financial pressure we do not think that stopping these services is a reasonable solution – they are essential services with no other public transport alternative and we believe that more could be done to encourage their use. Stopping them would affect local businesses, their staff and their customers, along with commuters, students, mobility impaired people and anyone who doesn’t drive.

We’ve requested a meeting with Cllr Gooding to discuss alternatives to stopping the services and hand in our petition.

Contact a Councillor

If you use the 250 and 251 why not write to your County Councillor asking them to intervene?

Just put your postcode in this box and you’ll be taken straight to a blank email addressed to your County Councillor:

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For more information please see our 250/251 campaign page here:

1 thought on “250 and 251 set to be lost”

  1. I’m shocked and sad that our area feels that it’s OK to keep cutting our services… I can understand that they may not always be the fullest of buses, but people rely on theses services.. my self my husband suffers from heath issues and has to use whips cross and harlow hospital… that’s a mission it it’s self to get back from but at this time it’s manageable, my child stays at collages for shows or extra work can’t get back from harlow, so theses buses along with the train services are our only way of traveling, again those who are in a less fortunate position are being affected, our services need to be protected, I’m sure there are those who work who rely on these route…. too many bus services are getting scrapped or cut back… yes most people learn to drive these days but in society there will always be older people, those less able with disabilities, and pre adults who haven’t least to drive yet… why oh does everyone just have tunnel vision on theses issues and can never see the bigger picture..

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