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Accessible Transport – Have Your Say

Back in August the government published their draft Transport Accessibility Action Plan, which is open for consultation until Wednesday 15th November.

We’re writing our response to the consultation at the moment but, as none of our core activists are directly affected by accessibility issues on public transport, we’re asking for your help.

The consultation document is 73 pages long with 15 questions, nine of which are relevant to Epping Forest service users (passengers) – the others are for trasnport operators or concern sea and air travel.

Could you help us with replies to the nine relevant questions? You don’t have to reply to all of them, just the ones that you have a particular interest in.

It’s important to us that our response is built around your experiences.

We’ve copied the nine relevant questions to a form at the bottom of this page to make it easy for you to reply.

About the Action Plan

The draft Action Plan includes:

  • advocating for greater consistency in the way transport services and facilities are delivered
  • ensuring that accessibility features currently required by regulations are consistently monitored and compliance is enforced
  • reviewing and monitoring access to parking in line with the Government’s manifesto commitment to improve disabled access to parking
  • improving the amount, reliability and available information on passenger facilities, particularly accessible toilets, at stations and on trains
  • highlighting the need for better awareness training for transport staff of the requirements of people with visible and hidden disabilities or impairments, and promoting best practice disability training guidance
  • identifying and taking steps to address the challenges facing people with disabilities when seeking spontaneous travel – it is important that disabled people are able to travel as freely and easily as everyone else

You can download the full draft Action Plan here: Draft Transport Accessibility Action Plan

Have your say

Please help us with our response to the consultation by completing as many of these questions as you can.

You can also access this survey directly here:

Create your own user feedback survey

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