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Cycling in Waltham Abbey: your say

(photo: 'Welcome to Waltham Abbey' sign)Essex County Council are proposing 17 new cycling schemes for Waltham Abbey in their draft Cycling Action Plan. There’s some stuff you’ll like – and some proposals that might not help much at all.

We’d like your help in sending feedback, so that the end result actually supports the council’s Cycling Strategy: to provide “Continental standard cycling facilities” so that “residents have the opportunities needed to enjoy a healthy life”.

Only got 5 minutes?

Drop us an email with the top thing that makes cycling difficult or dangerous for you and your family in Waltham Abbey and the surrounding area. We’re on

Can you spare a little longer?

We’ve listed all the proposals on our Cyclescape discussion board. Each proposal is listed as an ‘issue’ and accompanied by a map and the council’s description of what they want to build. Join (or start!) the discussion thread about each issue, and we’ll feed back your ideas to the council in a few weeks’ time.

And if there’s a junction that needs to be made safe for cycling, and the council aren’t proposing to do anything about it, please do create a new issue. We’ll make sure the council hear about it.

About us

EFTAG Cycling is the cycling campaign for Epping Forest. We campaign for safer cycling facilities for all kinds of people on bikes, working with others to promote this healthy, convenient and cost-effective form of transport.  Read more >>

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