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Did you use the 250 and/or 251 evening bus services?

When Essex County Council withdrew their subsidy for the evening 250 and 251 bus services they said that the main reason was a lack of passengers, which they say were between six and twelve per day across both services.

We are aware that many people using these bus services boarded without being given a ticket, which would have artifically reduced the passenger numbers that the council used to make their decision.

We need to have solid evidence around passenger numbers to challenge Essex County Council’s decision to cut the services. Unfortunately we didn’t have the resources to physically count passenger numbers before the services were cut so we’re asking you, former 250 and 251 passengers, to help us build our case to challenge the decision to axe the services and, hopefully, help us convince Essex County Council to subsidise replacement services.

If you used the 250 and 251 evening services could you please complete and submit this form to us?

We will NOT share your name or email address with any third parties – including Essex County Council – without your permission. We only need this information to validate replies.

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