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Early survey results show that public transport is affecting employment in Epping Forest

Initial replies to our online survey, Public Transport and Employment in Epping Forest, are returning some interesting results.

Of our respondents so far:

  • 63% use public transport to get to work
  • Nearly a quarter (24.2%) have had to turn down or leave a job in the last year because of inadequate public transport
  • 58.8% find public transport provision inadequate

Just 10% of respondents said that they drive because they prefer to rather than through a lack of alternatives.

The most common reasons given for not using/being unable to use public transport are:

  • Cost
  • Amount of changes
  • Journey time
  • Noise and overcrowding


Specific comments have cited the early finish of bus services, lack of available services and unreliability.

“Waltham Abbey is poorly served by public transport, with buses finishing early and poor connections towards Chingford and none to the Victoria line in Walthamstow.”


“I have to drive to Epping station as buses from Waltham abbey are so unreliable. I could catch a bus and train from Waltham cross but the bus service stops during the rush hour home and so I can only use this option one way. The local bus service contracts should be reviewed.”


“I currently both drive and use the tube. I have to drive to the station as buses are infrequent and finish early.”


“I’m working as a volunteer travelling from Loughton to Epping. I rely on my own vehicle as there is no reliable alternative”

These responses are from a relatively small number of replies. We need more responses to help build a better picture of the impact of public transport provision on employment.

Please complete the survey, and share the link, to let us know your experiences, good or bad: Employment survey 2016

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