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EOS to provide temporary partial replacements for 250 and 251 evening bus services.

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EOS London, who run several bus services in Epping Forest including the 66, 86 and forthcoming 13, have extended their daytime 66 bus routes from 1st September for a trial three month period. They’ve added early evening services including a 19.31 from Waltham Cross to Loughton, returning via Debden at 20.11, and a 20.50, returning at 21.30. The 66 route has been amended to cover Upshire.

Dave Plummer of the Epping Forest Transport Action Group said,

“We’re grateful to EOS London for stepping up and extending their services to allow people who have bought daytime tickets to get home. However, the campaign to reinstate the 250 and 251 services will continue. The 66 from Loughton won’t cover Loughton High Street on its return to Waltham Cross and is likely to be a loss-making service for EOS London.”

“We need bus services which run into the late evening to give people an alternative to driving and help our nightime economies.”

Chris Hunn, manager of EOS London, said,

“Because we are set up as a day time operation with little to no staff late at night I do not feel comfortable operating buses up to almost midnight.”

“However, given that Essex County Council has withdrawn the equivalent evening service to our day time operation, I feel that we have a duty of care to provide an extra later service for our valued customers to be able to travel home.”

“As a commercial business it is a great shame that we are having to risk investing the profit from our daytime service to support these withdrawn evening services, which may in turn increase our fares and make bus travel less appealing, especially in an age when we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Chris Pond, County Councillor for Loughton Central, said,

“I’m very glad that this vital link will be maintained, and have been pleased to be able to facilitate it. EOS have shown much public spirit in doing this. Thanks also to EFTAG for all their efforts on these routes. Now it’s up to people to use the service!”

Timtables for the new 66 services are available from the EOS London website:

Scroll down to 66/66A or download the 13, 66 and 86 timetable here: timetable (.pdf, 251KB)

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