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Issues with the 13 bus service – FAQs & survey

Several people have contacted us to raise concerns about the new EOS London 13 bus service, which runs from Waltham Cross to Epping via Upshire. The 13 was introduced after Essex County Council ceased their support for the previous 213 service.

We’ve been in touch with Chris Hunn, who runs EOS London buses, to pass on some of your concerns. He’s agreed with us that we should collect further comments and forward them to him.

We’re also gathering evidence about potential under-charging and under-recording of passenger journeys on the former 213 service, along with the 250 and 251 evening services, which could have been a crucial factor in those services losing their County Council funding.

There’s a form further down this page which you can use to raise concerns or make comments, but in the meantime here are are responses to the two most frequently asked questions.

Why has the fare gone up from £1 to £2.50?

  • We believe that the previous return fare was £2.20. Drivers charging £1.00 each way were undercharging, presumably without issuing tickets.
  • As a commercial service, rather than a council run contract, EOS London receive a minimal payment to run the 13 service which will reduce over time.
  • Fares are in line with other EOS services, such as the 66 and 86.
  • A weekly ticket which covers the 66, 86 and 13 is available for £12.00.

Why aren’t buses stopping at the school? Why is my child stranded?

  • EOS London have taken these concerns on board, particularly around Epping St Johns, and are currently reviewing the service.

Please complete our survey/form

We’re using this form to collect your concerns and pass them onto EOS London. We’d be very grateful if you could let us know about potential undercharging on the 250 and 251 evening services too as this will help us with our campaign to get them back.

(If the form below doesn’t display properly you can fill it in here:

6 thoughts on “Issues with the 13 bus service – FAQs & survey”

  1. I’m a regular on the 213 in witch it was every hour I’m a dinner lady from Epping and I also take care of my mum and dad who live in the abbey I would go over about 3 times a week 2 grab them shopping now I can’t I can only go on a Saturday as bus times have changed I was always issued a ticket traveling to and from the abbey witch has now gone from £3.10 to £4.50

  2. I fully agree with last comment as to the fare has gone up to £4.50 now and also its ridiculous the times that the 13 now runs during the day which is very seldom indeed and Saturday is even worse . I’m glad that the number 13 has now gone back to just running through to Epping as opposed to that ridiculous route it did before as it made no sense but now its better driving straight through Epping town but i don’t feel the fare from abbey to Epping should be £4.50 at all add another couple of quid and you may as well get a cab there , if its gone up £4.50 already then what’s it gonna be later £6 ? Its just ridiculous

  3. Wanting to travel from Epping to Waltham Cross today (Saturday, 5th January 2019) I looked on the website which showed the No. 13 bus stopping opposite Epping Church, THEN GOING TO STATION AT 13.08pm, before back up the hill to Tesco. I waited for 25 minutes and no bus appeared. The website shows that the bus goes via Epping School on weekdays and via station on Saturdays. What is going on? Does the website need updating?

  4. Is it certain a weekly is £12 and is that for student or adult and i’d like to know the prices for a monthly for adults and student ticket please. Can’t seem to find it anywhere !

  5. I used to travel from waltham abbey to epping every monday.
    I am now in a wheelchair and have been told i can not get on the bus.
    I travel regularly on the 251 and 66 bus with no problems.
    Can you tell me why i cant travel on the 213 bus anymore

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