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Massive investment in walking and cycling – petition to sign

On May 9th, Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, announced a £2 billion package to create ‘a new era for cycling and walking’. The tide suddenly seems to be turning very fast!

In response, on the weekend of the announcement EFTAG’s George and Jack wrote individually to most of our councillors, at District and County levels, and have received some very positive responses. The time is now. We are encouraging councillors themselves to ask and push for initiatives in Epping Forest, and have suggested some easy wins from the partial implementation of our proposals for cycle routes. For example:

  1. Widespread adoption of 20mph speed limits wherever people live, shop, play and learn.
  2. ‘Pop-up’ cycleways where safe space for cycling could be provided quickly:– 
  3. Introducing ‘school streets’ – closing roads to motor traffic at places where children and parents congregate to walk to school, for example during weekday pick-up and drop-off times.
  4. More cycle parking – in shopping streets and in high-density residential areas

Petition to Essex County Council

Further to the announcement above, EFTAG is petitioning Essex County Council to spend some of the money they have now been awarded on immediate measures in Epping Forest. These are:

  1. A protected Cycle-way along Oakwood Hill, Valley Hill, and Loughton Way, from Epping Forest Retail Park to Palmerston Road (Epping Forest Cycling Action Plan Route 32).
  2. Improvements to the Essex Cycle Network route along Baldwins Hill, York Hill, Staples Road, Shaftesbury, Smarts Lane, and Nursery Road, including the removal of the obstruction at the end of Staples Road.
  3. A safe cycling route which joins the Oakwood Hill route to the Essex Cycle Network route, via Loughton High Road and Loughton Station (Epping Forest Cycling Action Plan Routes 21 and 34).

This petition will be presented to the Essex County Council meeting on 14th July 2020. You can sign it here.

2 thoughts on “Massive investment in walking and cycling – petition to sign”

  1. I would like to see a pathway on Sewardstone Road between Lea Valley campsite and Yardley Lane Bus Terminal. To work on this part you have to unsafely walk in the road on one of the most dangerous bends on Sewardstone Road.

    I have written to the District Council about this so many times in the past.

    1. EFTAG Cycling (George)

      Thanks for this, you might want to try writing to your County Councillor as footways are the responsibility of Essex Highways.

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