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Meeting leads to new bus service for Epping St Johns

A meeting organised by EFTAG has led to a new trial bus service for Epping St John’s students.

Many parents were concerned when the 213 bus service was replaced by the 13 as the timetable and fares seemed to change overnight. A Facebook group was set up calling for a better bus service. Chris Hunn from EOS Buses amended the timetable following concerns raised by parents but hadn’t met parents face to face.

Chris said,

“Following the meeting, and feed back generally from our customers, I have agreed to trial a 13A service from Monday 9th October, 2017.
This bus will serve the school grounds in the morning and collect from the school grounds in the afternoon.
A weekly ticket will be available from the driver for £10.00 and is valid on Mondays to Fridays for travel to and from School only.”

Samantha Forshaw-Cirket, who started the Facebook group, added,

“I honestly didn’t think the bus issue would be resolved. Chris from EOS listened to all the parents’ concerns and acted on them extremely quickly, having a positive outcome. I’m grateful that Dave from EFTAG took up the cause as I didn’t really know where to go to get this issue resolved satisfactory for everyone concerned. I also appreciate Cllr Ricki Gadsby and Angela from Epping Forest Community Transport for attending the meeting.”

Dave Plummer, who organised the meetingon behalf of EFTAG, said,

“We were grateful for the opportunity to organise this meeting between bus users and the bus operator, which led to a good result in a new trial service.”


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