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The StopSwapGo initiative from Essex County Council

StopSwapGo is an initiative by Essex County Council to encourage more people to leave their cars at home and walk, cycle or take the bus instead. It’s open to anyone over 13 living in Essex and can be used for journeys to school, work, the shops or visiting friends or family. On offer are Amazon or Love2Shop vouchers and even a chance to win a new bike if you take part.

There has been plenty of evidence during the pandemic that more of us are moving away from using our cars as we stay and shop more locally. But we are also travelling less overall because of the advice to stay at home as we make our way through our third lockdown in less than a year.

To take part, register on the StopSwapGo website and download the Indeemo app. Then record your journeys on the app as you swap your car for another healthier and more sustainable means of transport. Journeys can be recorded as a video, photo with caption or just text. There are weekly spot prizes of £25 and a 60 day challenge for a chance to win the largest £1,000 prize.

You can sign up here:
Stop.Swap.GO! – Essex County Council |

You will receive regular notifications of the names of the prize winners from Indeemo and encouragement that the more trips you make, the more chance you’ll have of winning.

The initiative undoubtedly has good intentions, whether it is to encourage us to get fitter or to help to improve our local air quality. It has however contradicted government advice for much of the past year to stay at home and only make essential journeys. Whilst an excellent initiative as life and travel returns to normal levels, it is no substitute for improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure.

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