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Volunteers needed to join the Waltham Abbey Community Speed Watch team

Back in November 2019 Dave Plummer, one of EFTAG’s founding members, started up a Community Speed Watch scheme in Waltham Abbey.

Just as they were getting going COVID came along.

Now they’re back in action and looking for volunteers.

As Dave says,

‘We’ve all read about the injuries and fatalities caused by dangerous driving in and around Waltham Abbey, and the devastating impact on those who are affected.

Nobody sets out to cause life-changing injuries, to take loved ones away from their families and friends, to leave a town mourning the loss of a valued community member.

Nobody thinks that they’ll be the person behind the wheel.

Nobody wants to spend the rest of their days reliving that one time when they were.

Waltham Abbey Community Speed Watch isn’t about catching people out – Speed Watch teams wear hi-viz vests and there are signs approximately 100m in each direction to let motorists know that we’re there.

Our aim is to make more people more aware of their driving, so that they’re not the cause of the next incident.

As the name suggests, Waltham Abbey Community Speed Watch is our community working together to make our streets safer.’

Visit the Waltham Abbey Community Speed Watch website for more information and to find out how to get involved:

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