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We’re suspending EFTAG during the Essex County Council elections

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As the Essex County Council elections are coming up on 4th May, and many of us will be involved in campaigning and, in some cases, standing as candidates, we feel it would be inappropriate to continue with EFTAG activity until the elections are out of the way.

Candidates are free to make reference to their involvement in EFTAG in their campaigns but no EFTAG endorsement should be implied or inferred.

Questions to candidates

We intend to issue a list of questions to Epping Forest’s County Council candidates asking for their position on various public transport and safer streets issues. We’ll issue their responses in the week before polling day.

If you have any ideas for questions you’d like to ask please let us know here: Candidates’ Questions

Make sure you’re registered to vote! Click here for details:

Lists of Epping Forest’s candidates are available on the Epping Forest District Council website: County Council candidates

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