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Would you use late-evening buses between Waltham Cross and Debden?

New late evening Waltham Cross – Loughton via Waltham Abbey and Upshire, returning via Debden service proposed. Help us show that it will be used.

Back in summer 2017 Essex County Council ceased subsising the late evening 250 and 251 bus services which covered Waltham Cross to Loughton via Waltham Abbey town centre and Upshire. EOS London extended their 66 service to cover the early evening but our research has demonstrated that there is a need for late night services along this route. Following a meeting between ourselves, Essex County Council and Bindmans solictors last week, the county council has agreed to consider subsidising two new late evening services, running from Waltham Cross at about 10.00pm and 11.00pm.

NB – the current proposal is for two return services leaving Waltham Cross at 10.15 and 11.15, returning from Loughton via Debden approximately 30 minutes later.

At present the last bus runs from Waltham Cross at 9.15pm. The later services would help people who work late in London and our local hospitality and shift-based businesses, while also enabling people to make more use of our area’s diverse restaurants, pubs and cultural facilities.

Before the county council makes a decision we need to demonstrate that there is a need for these services.

If these services were available would you be likely to use them?

Please complete this quick form to let us know.


18 thoughts on “Would you use late-evening buses between Waltham Cross and Debden?”

  1. Yes I would use it, it’s very expensive to use a cab, BUT I would rather have back the bus from the Abbey to Chingford. People in Sewardstone Road pay Council Tax to EFDC as well!

    1. Hi Pat,

      The 505 was very under-used, but it was neither frequent or reliable so that’s not surprising. We definitely need a proper service there – a smattering on a Saturday really doesn’t cut it. I campaigned for it when it was cut a couple of years ago but it didn’t get us anywhere.

  2. The public transport in waltham abbey is terrible. Considering we pay one of the highest rates of council tax, and are so close geographically to towns that have a 10 times better set of transport services.

    1. We are somewhat marginalised! There’s an assumption that everybody drives which, if public transport isn’t up to scratch, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      Our local council tax isn’t really related to bus services though, which are privately run or subsidised by the County Council.

      1. When most councils are trying to go green, it does not make sense for them to make that assumption.
        I find the traffic in the area almost unbearable. Even with no problems on the notorious M25.
        A better bus service is the only answer.

  3. This area is akin to the last place god made and the shovel broke. Existing bus services are rubbish EOS being bigger cowboys than the infamous ‘Samson’ of years ago. Both Loughton/Waltham Cross have quality transport why not the Abbey. Buses needed FROM Loughton and Waltham Cross until MIDNIGHT in order that one can go out socialising/seek wider field of employment etc. This is 2018 for gods sake not 1818!!

    1. Hi S,

      Personally, I think EOS do a pretty good job under difficult circumstances, though they’re not as reliable as perhaps they could be!

      If these new evening services are introduced they’ll be return buses – the 23.15 (ish) from Waltham Cross would return from Loughton at about 23.45. I’#ll amend the above article to make that clearer.

      We don’t think that there’d be enough demand for anything later but this is a step in the right direction.

      1. As an ex London Transport DI/LUL employee of 20 years I have watched this area die on its feet especially the transport. EOS BARELY PASS 1960/70 safety standards let alone provide a reliable service. Having already pestered the Mayor of London to re-instate London routes 217/317 through the Abbey needless to say it all comes back to so-called ‘lack of money’ and time honoured backhanders!

  4. We need to bring back bus transport to Chingfordsmile on a daily basis also 86 to and from Harlow should have a 5.30 return at moment there’s one at 16.40 then at 18.20 so if you finish work at 5 you then have to wait for over almost an hour and half for next one back to Abbey so please put one in between at 5.30

  5. The late bus service would be good for some, but not for me as I live in Sewardstone Road, and there isn’t transport from Waltham Abbey weekdays at any time.

    We now have the 215 which is wonderful. But the terrible non existent path way from Lea Valley Camp side to Yardley lane bus garage has not been addressed. For those of us needing to catch the 379 to Chingford Station it is hazardous, especially if we are wheeling a buggy or a wheel chair. You have to walk in the road around the most dangerous bends of Sewardstone Road. The drain and pipes are totally exposed as is the drain. I have written to counsellors over the years but to no avail.

  6. If we had a proper transport system in Waltham Abbey I’m sure more shops,markets would survive as sometimes it’s like a ghost town.

    1. Bang on target Rachael the Abbey is like the Twilight Zone and will eventually be buried under umpteen cafe/unhealthy take-away joints/overpriced restaurants and nail shops. Neither ECC it EFDC give a toss about residents just as long as the ‘backhanders’ keep lining their pockets.

  7. I have recently been corresponding with EOS
    about the extortionate prices for a family of 4 to use there service, a Uber is now cheaper.
    Also my children use the bus regularly and certain drivers don’t give them a ticket and pocket the money, I suggested to EOS to fit cameras and in return they could lower there fares.
    The bus service should be a TFL service as it was many years ago, as it links two London areas.
    This would be better for the environment as lots more people would stop driving cars and it would be safer for our families with modern buses, TFL checked drivers.
    It would also save Waltham Abbey market
    and benefit all the abbeys businesses.

    1. Totally agree with you David the EOS (cowboy) operation is totally unacceptable in 2018. Sadly having already ‘hammered’ the so-called token Mayor of London for the re-instatement of TFL routes 217/317 to bring Waltham Abbey screaming into the 21st Century no joy. Thus, the area continues to die and we are held to ransom by cab company’s and EOS, the latter an absolute joke!

  8. So Essex County Council can pay for 2 extra buses for the 66 Epping Forest District Council for a waste of time neighbourhood patrol that don’t do sweet FA …spend loadsa money restructuring roads that still have the same amount of traffic,

    But can’t pay TFL for the 167 and 20 much for their so called heritage routes

    1. Hi Martyn,

      If we can get these late evening services subsidised it will put us on a good grounding to campaign for other services.

      The County Council is under immense financial pressure – they’re dealing with 86% cuts to government funding from 2015 to 2020.

      Having said that, you’ve a good point that they seem to be able to find money for roads…

  9. At the moment it is easier and cheaper to get a bus from Waltham Cross to London,than from Waltham Abbey to the Waltham Cross in the evenings.What a farce considering the distance !!
    I use the buses to Waltham Cross from Waltham Abbey , Monday to Friday and buy a weekly bus pass
    I board the last bus which is a 66 and which leaves Waltham Cross via the Waltham Abbey @ 8:15
    There are no buses at 9:15 . I dare you to wait at Waltham Cross Bus Station for a 9:15 , you’ll be sadly disappointed.
    I kid you not.
    Something else myself and my bus buddies have noticed is there is no 8:00pm service. Most of us just need to get home from work and arrive from London around 7:45. What we see is a 66 which pulls into the Waltham Cross which puts his/her “No Service” and heads away down the direction we are going. Does this make any sense??

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