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A new cycling and walking network for Chigwell?

Some enterprising residents, from Chigwell Residents’ Association, the Parish Council, and Epping Forest Transport Action Group (EFTAG), have seen some opportunities for some exciting safe cycle routes connecting schools and transport hubs across Chigwell.

The main route would help children get safely from Chigwell Row to Wells Park School, Chigwell Primary School and Chigwell (independent) School. It would run along the left (south) side of Lambourne Road, by the tennis courts, then turn right down Vicarage Lane (where the pavement is wide enough to be shared with pedestrians), and then along an (upgraded) Green Lane to Chigwell Village. This route also connects with EFTAG’s existing route 39 across the Roding Valley to Loughton, and could easily be extended down Lambourne Road to provide a link to Grange Hill station. We foresee challenges along the western part of Lambourne Road (the Vicarage Lane end), but these we think can be overcome.

In addition, there would be high-quality cycle-parking at Grange Hill and Chigwell Stations, for the shops as well as the Underground.

Let us know what you think of these ideas ( We are sure there is potential here, but it’s all at a very early stage.

8 thoughts on “A new cycling and walking network for Chigwell?”

    1. Thanks Ian. And I take your point (via email) about the Epping New Road: that’s been a recognised problem for years. Apparently one of the problems is that the Forest Conservators resist proposals to widen the road to allow for proper cycle infrastructure. But that’s only hearsay!

  1. The pavement along vicarage is barely wide enough for a single person to walk along, no idea how you think it is possible to have a shared path here. The same for the south side of Lambourne road.

    1. You’re certainly right about Lambourne Road – that would require major changes. We thought, however, that the relevant stretch of Vicarage Lane looked OK, but there might be sections which would be difficult.

  2. A great idea, really hope this happens. A link through all of Chigwell from Chigwell Row and Limes Farm to West Hatch too would be really helpful

  3. This is a much needed change. Thank you. A cycling and walking route from Chigwell Rise to Buckhurst hill is also the need of the hour.

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